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Digital Hanko Order Form

Digital Hanko Order Form

Price: $46.00

Quantity in Basket: None
1. Please enter the name, word, or phrase (up to 10 words) to translate:
2. Please enter the number of your chosen Japanese character font style:
3. Please indicate whether you would like the Single Image (high-resolution 600 dpi JPEG) or Digital Suite:
Single Image
Digital Suite (add $22)
4. Please choose a hanko shape:
5. Please choose normal or reverse:
6. Please indicate which writing system you would like to use:
Kanji Characters
Hiragana Characters
Katakana Characters
Mixed Characters
Would you like this Rush Delivery? (next business day):
Standard Delivery (3 to 5 business days)
Rush Delivery - next business day (add $18)
If you have a promotional code, please enter it here. (not required):
Local Date and Time in Tokyo:

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