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    Arts and Crafts Resources

    d'ART - The Internet Art Database
    d'ART - The Internet Art Database

    Gyotaku by Kelley Burnett Home Page
    Artist Kelley Burnett uses a unique gyotaku or fish rubbing method to produce real life images of fish of the Texas coast. Through her use of vibrant colors and multiple impressions she has brought them into an exciting perspective.

    Rice Paper
    Our paper is imported from China, its birthplace.

    Sho Creations - Delicately handcrafted unique miniature origami collectibles
    Sho Creations - Delicately handcrafted unique miniature origami collectibles - Japanese Scroll Paintings - Introduction
    We sell Japanese scroll paintings from the last 150 years, including scroll boxes and scroll weights.
    At we create personalised Japanese calligraphy, handmade cards, and sell Japanese kokeshi dolls, manga t-shirts, koi art, sushi and green tea. We specialise in 'one of' orders where the product is tailored to your exact requirements with choices of materials, personalisation and presentation.

    Japanese Calligraphy and Traditional Craft - Art Shop Saiga

    R.K.Singh's Personal Haiku Page

    iRoom Dividers

    Japan World - Japanese Paper, Japanese Photos, Japanese Glass and Everything Japan

    "Wa no Wa" is a online shop introducing authentic Japanese traditional handmade arts & crafts: Japanese calligraphy, Washi molding arts, Kimono Remake, Pictures, Leather Crafts, Lamp and more.You will find artworks by talented Japanese artists on this online art gallery of Japanese art.

    Woodworking HQ
    Everything Woodworking, from American Woodworker to Woodworking Workshops.

    Art Neko Rubber Art Stamps

    Kuma Gama - Clay Studio

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