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    John Baymore at River Bend Pottery : Handcrafting Noborigama Wood Fired Ceramics.
    A potter for 32 years now, John Baymore has been creating handcrafted wood fired pottery at River Bend Pottery in Wilton, NH since 1977. Johns Japanese influenced woodfired stoneware ceramics is typically produced in a four chamber noborigama that consumes about two cords of a local sawmills scrap pine and hemlock offcuts during the typical 36 hour heating cycle that brings the kiln to about 2400 degrees F. John is a part-time adjunct Professor of Ceramics at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and is a specialist in the design and construction of fuel fired ceramic kilns. He is available to conduct visiting artist presentations and kiln building workshops, as well as consult on kiln installations and other studio technical issues.


    riley lee | sound of bamboo
    Home page of Riley Lee, Australias only Grand Master of the shakuhachi, and one of the few outside Japan

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