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Arts and Antiques, Asian
Bachmann Eckenstein Asian Art & Antiques - Dealing in Asian Art – Masterpieces from the Far East  -  Bachmann Eckenstein Art & Antiques dealing & consulting in Asian Art & Oriental Art, antiques from China, Japan & Tibet, and Buddhist Art

Arts and Antiques, Non-Asian

About Fine Art Oil Painting Reproduction, Oil Portrait Painting & Pet Portrait

Isabel Art Gallery offers prestigious fine art oil painting reproductions of Masterpieces, oil portrait paintings, pet portraits & wedding portraits, entirely hand painted by professional artists, graduated from Art Schools.

Arts and Crafts

Books About Japan
A THOUSAND YEARS OF LOVE is a novel set in the Heian Period in Kyoto, Japan, during the time of "The Tale of Genji" written by Murasaki Shikibu. Now available at

Cultural Exchange Programs

Culture-Geography, Economy, Business, Politics, Etc.

  -  Extensive Japanese vocabulary and pronunciation guide...

Food and Drink
  -  Japanese green tea online shop - discover the premium green tea, traditional cast ironware and more.

  -  Offering sushi products, sake, sake sets and more...

  -  A huge assortment of authentic Japanese foods...


  -  If you're looking for bonsai products...

Japanese Portals
Artelino, The Magic of Art
Japan Information
The Japan Reference Page
Japanese Lifestyle - A portal to Japanese culture, living, shopping, travel and much more.

Martial Arts Organizations
British Aikido  -  British Aikido Board information,articles, controversy, photos. Kenshiro Abbe sensei from the introduction of UK      Aikido in 1955, New book in the USA "Positive Aikido".
Sekai Shindo-Ryu Karate-Do Renmei  -  The governing body for Shindo-Ryu Karate world wide...

News/Editorial/Print Media
Kyoto Journal - Perspectives on Asia

Other Links
West Coast Stones  -  Sculpture by Bruce Watson  -  Online shopping directory with huge number of categories. Tips and articles about safe online shopping and fraud protection. Online shopping discussion forum and much more.


Translation Services
Get a Chinese name - Get your own Chinese name based on your English name and find out your sign in the Chinese Zodiac!

Travel in Japan
Japanese Guest Houses  -  Reserve a room at a Japanese Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) anywhere in Japan.
Megamiko Station Mountain Lodge  -  Travel to my Japan - Your journey to experiencing day to day life of Japanese people starts here!  Specializing in small group cultural tours and home stay programs in Nagano, Japan. Master your Japanese Language skills while experiencing beautiful countryside Japan, traditional cultures and meet friends as you journey off the beaten track!


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