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    Incentive, Discount, and Referral Programs
    Discount Programs for Individuals, Referrers, Martial Arts Organizations, Reiki Organizations, Japanese Heritage Associations, and Others

    Membership Incentive Program

    Would you like to encourage more people to become members of your organization? How about offering them 25% off on all Japanese Connection products once they join your organization? This program is designed to help your organization provide additional incentives to new members, while helping you offer even more to your current members.

    How the program works:
    1. Members enter your organizational name and their member number (if applicable) in the "Company" field when placing orders on The Japanese Connection website, to indicate eligibility for the 25% discount.
    2. The Japanese Connection verifies their membership through a representative of your organization.
    3. Once verified, the member is issued a 25% refund.
    This program is ideal for:
    • Martial arts organizations
    • Reiki organizations
    • Japanese heritage organizations (outside of Japan)
    • Fan clubs of Japanese culture
    To get started with the Membership Incentive Program, please contact Ben Falge at The Japanese Connection by email ( or phone (1-541-359-1339) and we will register your organization for this program.

    Quantity Purchase Programs

    5th JEWELRY PIECE IS FREE - For every four etched jewelry pieces you purchase, receive the fifth for free.

    40% JEWELRY DISCOUNT - Receive a 40% discount when you purchase 10 or more etched jewelry items, when all of the items are identical.

    $100 HANKO SEALS - Buy three, square or rectanguler stone hanko seals at the regular price and receive every seal thereafter for just $100. This program is perfect for organizations that will purchase many seals over time. Alternatively, make a one time purchase of six or more hanko seals and get them for $100 each.

    To request a quantity discount, please contact Ben Falge at The Japanese Connection by email ( or phone (1-541-359-1339). We will issue you a unique purchase form to place your order.

    Referral Program

    Receive 25% of your friends' purchases in credit towards your own Japanese Connection purchase. If you already like referring friends to our products, just because you are a fan of the things we sell, this is a great program for you!

    How the program works:
    1. Receive your own unique referrer code.
    2. Have your friend enter that code in the "Company" field when making a purchase.
    3. Receive 25% of your friend's purchase as a credit toward your own purchase on The Japanese Connection website. For example, if your friend buys a $160 piece of etched jewelry and redeems your referrer code, we will email you notifying you that your credit in our store has been increased by $40.
    To get started with the Referral Program, please contact Ben Falge at The Japanese Connection by email ( or phone (1-541-359-1339) and we will issue you your unique referrer code.

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