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    Custom Hanko Signature Stamps
    Your Name or Message Translated into Japanese Characters and
    Engraved into a Stone or Wooden Stamp

    Hanko, Japanese stamp and signature seal

    More than just rubber stamps, hanko--horn, wood or stone seals imprinted with the bearer's name, like a signature to a Westerner--are indispensable tools for Japanese adults in authorizing a myriad of transactions, from automobile registration, to bank activities to setting up house utilities. Nearly any occasion that would call for a Westerner's signature would call for an impression of a hanko in Japan.

    Hanko were formally introduced to Japan in 701 AD, but were available only to those in positions of high authority. During the early to mid-seventeenth century, hanko were adopted by the general populace. Interestingly, the common people of Japan were not allowed to have family names until the late nineteenth century, so there must have been much confusion with hanko prior to this time with so many people having the same name.
    ~Hanko Design and Quote Form~

    1.  Please let us know how to contact you. . .


    E-mail - We will send your quote to this address.

    2.  Enter what you would like to have translated here--for example, your name, martial arts dojo, a meaning, proverb, motto, phrase, etc.

    3.  Should the Japanese Connection choose which Japanese writing system is best for your translation? Or would you like to choose the writing system yourself?

    I would like the Japanese Connection to decide which writing system is best to use. (Please go to step 4.)

    I would like to define which writing systems to use in my translation. (Please use the boxes below.)

    Please make this portion of my translation Kanji Characters

    Please make this portion of my translation Hiragana Characters

    Please make this portion of my translation Katakana Characters

    4.  What character style (font face) would you like to use?

    Click here to see what the styles look like, and then enter the style number in the space below:

    5. What shape would you like your hanko to stamp?

    Square (made of stone)

    Rectangular (made of stone)

    Round (made of wood)

    6. How large would you like the hanko to stamp? Depending on the number of characters in your translation, we may recommend an upgrade in size.

    Small - approximately 18 mm ($155 to $165)

    Medium  -  approximately 24 mm ($165 to $175)

    Large  -  approximately 30 mm (round is not available at this size) ($175 to $185)

    7. Please choose if you would like to have a normal or reverse pattern on your hanko face.

    Normal (Characters are red and the background is white.)
    Reverse (Characters are white and the background is red.)

    8.  Please add any comments regarding your hanko here:

    9. If you have a promotional code, please enter it here.

    Promotional Code

    That's it!  Just press this "Submit Hanko Form" button and we'll process your quote.

    Ordering for a group?
    Purchase 6 or more hankos for $95 each.
    Print and mail these 2 forms for your group order:

    1. Group Hanko Instruction Form
    2. Group Hanko Order Form

    Local Date and Time in Tokyo:

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