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    Welcome to the Haiku Inn
    These haiku poems are submitted by those visiting our site. Please feel free to submit your haiku here...
    Where late the birds sang,
    Snow drifts against the stone wall,
    Evergreens shiver.
    - Iquana Joe
    Acorn falls to ground,
    Earth spins beneath shining sun,
    Squirrel sits in oak.
    - Iquana Joe
    This is only so
    I can test out the features
    Of this new website
    - Anonymous
    the winds blow blow blow
    she stares at the bright blue sky
    another new day
    - Anonymous
    Spring embraces her;
    the Sun kisses her sweetly
    giving her new breath.
    - J.B. in SC
    When fire sets it's course
    It does not need a compass
    For it travels light.
    - Tomek
    Poetry is Life.
    Death, however, favors none.
    Hence I am finished.
    - Tomek
    The night sky is soft
    The trees naked in twilight
    My world is quiet
    - Sophia, Denmark
    The wind is howling
    The ground is covered in gold
    I scream to be found
    - Anonymous
    my indecision
    is so decisive in
    choosing my next steps
    - liam den
    beautiful cool lake
    water like liquid silver
    the blissful water
    - Anonymous
    Baby girl is home
    grandfather now I am proud
    Granddaughter home now.
    - Doug Robbins
    A paper clip is
    A clip that clips a paper
    Over a paper
    - Conrad A. Adviento Jr. , California
    Too much Alcohol?
    Just sit back and sober up.
    It's a superb plan!
    - Mark S. Greenberg
    Falling from roof tops
    Man breaks his back yet again;
    -But never his hopes.
    - Ajay Seshadri, India
    white dove sings
    from top of steeple
    a high coo
    - Dick Dayton F.G.G., Crystal River, Florida
    Sitting in the cold
    A dark boy strums his guitar
    He's waiting for change
    - Anonymous
    Japanese nation
    to overcome on disasters
    always determined
    - Shahzad Niaz, Karachi, Pakistan
    Winter blanket falls
    Out the window children peek
    Snowballs soon occur
    - Tori Oelsen
    Tree decoration
    Christmas time coming with joy
    Snow falls all around
    - Sofia Coryell
    Frost on the window-
    Flames flicker in front of me
    Warming my cold hands
    - Sophia New Braunfels, Texas
    Swooshing down white slopes
    Drinking sweet hot chocolate
    Near hot fireplace
    - Travis
    Jack Frost bites my nose
    Frigid, white snow numbs my toes
    Sledding now, here goes
    - Sylvia Edgewood, Tx
    Caliente Sand
    Like it is made of metal
    People melt like ice
    - Jenna, Texas
    Fields blossom beauty
    Filling spring air with new smells
    What bright colors bloom
    - Coco Kaufmann, New Braunfels, TX
    Butterflies flying
    The sweet smell of the flowers
    Cool breeze blows my hair
    - Anonymous
    Snow falling softly
    Outside of the glass window
    Landing on the earth
    - Bailey-Grace, Texas
    Cold winter nights froze
    Relive the frozen snow wars
    Ice water snow clear
    - Anonymous
    Spring: A time for growth
    Plop plop, sound of the rain drop
    Now the flowers bloom
    - Anonymous
    Very cold outside
    Playing Street Fighter in bed
    Drinking hot coco
    - Anonymous
    The cold winter snow
    Making snowballs and snowmen-
    Fun with family
    - Jacob G ORMS Stroud 8th grade
    Winter snow so cold
    Still Santa brought gifts
    Christmas dinner was the best
    - Kaitlyn Rene
    Children run from school
    As they get of for the week
    Beautiful spring time
    - Amber G. 8th grader at oak run
    Oak Run football starts
    After Drew gets a pick six
    I throw a long pass
    - Hunter B. Oak Run Middle School
    Spring flowers showing
    Wildlife wakes up from sleep
    Fun holidays near
    - Haley Malatek New Braunfels, TX
    Warm inside the house
    I need my jacket today
    The snow is freezing
    - Marianna
    Waiting for Santa
    Wake up and open presents
    Drinking hot coco
    - Jeffrey McGhee, at oak run middle school
    Elephants are fat
    The zoos smell is intriguing
    I see a gray cat
    - Yakama, brazil
    Wind drying our eyes
    Cleats dashing through the brown dirt
    Scoring a touchdown
    - Riley H. New Braunfels, Texas
    Friday night football
    Hit home runs and hole in one's
    Double plays and birdies
    - Anonymous
    It is cold outside
    Children playing in the snow
    Winter is now here
    - Marissa F.
    Small elves eat good chocolate
    Santas out all night long during Christmas
    Children try all year long
    - Anonymous
    Vacation waiting
    The summer sun beaming down-
    Starfish on the beach
    - Caitlin,B Tx
    Warm hot chocolate
    Fun snowball fights everywhere-
    Cold weather outside
    - Matthew P. Texas
    Snow and hot cocoa-
    Snow boarding and falling with
    Family and friends
    - Emma , Texas
    Up above the clouds
    Sea gals chirp, never stoping
    Tasty Mountain Dew!
    - Zack k Texas
    Snow is falling down
    on to the already white ground
    Christmas time is fun
    - Ariana S, Texas
    The rushed air of winter
    So fast,such winterfulness
    It wakes up the glands
    - Logan D.
    Summer fun all day
    Snow cones melting by the pool
    Swim all day and night
    - Juli A. Tx.
    So much excitement
    Presents cover our fireplace
    Stockings full of treats
    - Kamerin N.
    Delicious turkey,
    Football to watch with family,
    Now here comes dessert
    - Nic R , Texas
    Thanksgiving evening
    Cool breeze and bright colored leaves
    To touchdown softly
    - Garrett D
    Once green now orange.
    Soft fall of leaves as cold blows.
    The crunch sound of fall
    - Bryce Rutledge
    4th of July at home
    In the park music is playing
    Summer is here with family
    - S.w
    Christmas is joyful
    Gift giving all around us
    And candy cane sweets
    - Roxy U TX
    A blade of silver
    Slices the air beside you
    The glazed white earth waits
    - Mordecai, The Park
    Winter is here now.
    Milk and cookies just for him.
    Santa will come soon.
    - Annissa R. Texas
    Santa Claus is here
    Warm Christmas treats everywhere
    Gifts waiting for me
    - Gavin r. Tx
    Beautiful snowflakes
    Fall from the heavens above
    Rest upon the floor
    - Hannah, Texas
    Christmas is joyful
    Santa clause will have reindeers
    Candy canes are sweet
    - MJ M Texas
    Sunburns in the waves
    Fish and crabs move out the way
    Jumping waves I play
    - Kaitlyn C. ORMS.
    I love my swimsuit
    Went swimming in the river
    July fireworks
    - Ashley a ORMS 8th grader
    Colorful leaves sway
    The scent carries kids away
    Time to eat and pray
    - ORMS
    It's Hot In Summer
    Schlitterbahn Cools Me Down Now
    I Don't Feel The Sun
    - Ernest , New Braunfels, Texas
    Christmas ornaments
    Presents ribbon lights and trees
    Wind snow coats socks
    - Keely J ORMS
    Kids building snowmen
    Fireplace crackles and pops
    As we drink eggnog
    - Mia ORMS 8th
    Road of a hill
    Wind of fall overpowers
    Find pumpkins and leaves
    - Casey m
    One hot summer day
    Hanging with friends is awesome
    Eating good snow cones
    - Ivan M
    Hiking through the snow
    It was very cold at night
    I got to climb hills
    - Anonymous
    Lunch at the river,
    Blue snowcones bring a shiver,
    Can't wait till dinner!
    - Madison M. Texas
    Going to shliterbaun,waiting in line
    Burning up in the hot summer sun,riding the ride
    Now swimming in the swimming pools cooling off
    - Anonymous
    The beach has turned cold
    Summer goes by way too fast
    Snow cones in the past
    - Chase
    Hot summer weather
    Water splashing your body
    Good time on the beach
    - Anonymous
    Leaves falling off trees
    Trick or treaters having fun
    A peaceful sweet feast
    - Lynette.r new Branfuls
    Jackets and sweaters
    Celebration lights shining
    Santa is coming
    - Ariel s. New Braunfels
    Tanning in the sun
    Hot women in bikinis
    Enjoying the sun
    - Anonymous
    The leaves are falling
    Thanksgiving color is brown
    November is here
    - Anonymous
    Skiing isn't fun
    If the snow is all melted
    I'm going inside
    - Anonymous
    Sweater worn today
    Lights put on the Christmas tree
    Snowman built outside
    - Daniel D ORMS
    Winter snow falling
    Onto the ice cold cement
    People slip and slide
    - Anonymous
    Winter is coming
    Frosty white ice is falling
    People are playing
    - Anonymous
    One hot summer day
    I heard a loud roar and saw
    A roller coaster
    - Aj G
    Hold onto the rope
    As you ride your wakeboard-
    Glide across the water!
    - Zak Rickerson New Braunfels, Texas
    The snow is falling
    On the clear frozen river
    People skate around
    - Abby
    Spring tulips blooming
    With dew on the red petals
    A good morning sight
    - Emilee Black
    Summer, Plastic Beach
    Splashing around with landfill
    Melting with the sun.
    - Plastic Paradise
    Butterflies flying
    The sweet smell of the flowers
    Cool breeze blows my hair
    - Anonymous
    Hot chocolate steams
    Brightly hued gifts unopened
    Lively Christmas cheer
    - Serena Wessels,Texas
    Legs cramped and burning
    Calves and back hurting, aching
    Roofing steep pitch sucks
    - Mark, Moosup,CT
    Skunk loved Porcupine.
    Then Porcupine said, "Love stinks!"
    "No," said Skunk, "Love sticks."
    - Don Parker, Port Richey, FL, USA
    Eyes are made for tears
    A soul needs lubrication
    To heal a sore heart.
    - Steven Kansas
    Pregnant Gray tombstone
    Filled with rainwater God's tears
    Battlefield brother
    - Doug ohio
    It is raining out
    Everyone is happy now
    Except me and you
    - Steve Black
    Anger consumes me
    Eats my soul like a cancer
    Self inflicted hell
    - Shirley Smothers
    Pay the piper soon
    Paper dreams go up in smoke
    You can't breathe, can't choke
    - Sunshine
    Inky endless dark
    Specks of light peek through the cloak
    The heavens' beacon
    - Sabine, NY
    Love cannot collide
    With my heart so torn inside
    Your love never dies
    - Christopher Withers Hickory NC
    Leaves falling silent
    Shimmering in crisp morning
    Wool from head-to-toe
    - Anne Ryan Minnesota
    Sledgehammer under
    My window... Ta Ka Ta Ka
    Will it ever stop?
    - Lana Krakovskiy
    memory tells me
    your lips and the sun kissed me.
    same intensity.
    - Anonymous
    for you i hope the
    earth is flat. run to the edge.
    fall off, take flight.
    - Anonymous
    Longing to see you
    I shall greet you with a kiss
    Then, time will stand still...
    - Jennifer Garibay, Texas
    yellow leaves
    to welcome fall
    moves to and fro
    Summer days are gone.
    Autumn leaves make me smile.
    Embrace the fall
    - Doug Robbins Ohio
    Hold tight and don't blink
    That baby's not who you think
    She's in college now
    - Christopher Stephenson - Boston, MA
    White snow, black mountains,
    Swans on a winter river
    December in Wales
    - John Kidderminster
    faith i had in you
    caught in the arms of another
    broken heart of mine
    - sarah
    sweetness on your lips
    soothing softness of your kiss
    sunshine in my soul
    - sarah
    a crimson leaf falls
    twirling on the autumn breeze
    a ballerina
    - Anonymous
    - Jonas
    Heat penetrates skin
    Waves relentlessly woo me
    Please-may I live here?
    - Gaugler, Northeast Ohio
    Lazy summer day
    I hear the Sunday prayer
    Sleeping in the church
    - Dynebuddha, Idaho
    A lonely squirrel
    On carpet of autumn leaves
    Latent, dead and cold
    - Dynebuddha, Idaho
    香りの長い草 the scent of long grass
    背中の太陽 The sun is stinging my back
    まだ立ってジョイ Joy of standing still
    Unmasked weaknesses.
    Determined to make things right.
    My true self exposed.
    - T.j muskegon, michigan
    Haiku Baffle Me
    Difficult To Comprehend
    Ending So Quickly
    - Jeffrey Gandee
    captive, Rabbit cries
    "What is my hand to your luck?"
    Rabbit jerks no more
    - Huberys, Chicago
    Peeta and Katniss
    We will protect each other
    Both from district twelve
    - kyjo
    Humans are to blame
    Nature's destructive fury
    Save our Mother Earth
    - kyjo
    Hens cooped in a cage
    Stroll from left to right all day
    Hay rests on concrete
    - Nancy May, England
    lightning shivers blind
    confused splendor in night's depths
    reaching for contact
    - Holly Moore- Kula, Hawaii
    Inspiration sought
    The world as dumb as ever
    Learn haiku for fun
    - Iceland
    June heat wave
    the long shadows
    whisper in bush
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    burgundy sunset
    a pink band of cerulean clouds
    clear day tomorrow
    - jan oskar hansen....portugal
    coated in algae
    bare feet carefully shifting
    over river rocks
    - Jim Davis, Chicago
    Clouds are passing by
    The sun is hidden behind
    and the rain came down
    - Alester Rocha
    Like the morning sun
    and the evening stars and moon
    all day your eyes shine
    - Armando Echevarria BMCC
    I woke up hungry
    But not hungry for breakfeast
    Hungry for your love
    - Gloria
    Today i woke up
    The sun was shining instead
    of the pouring rain
    - Melissa, New York
    Summer is in bloom
    Picnicing in Central Park
    Sky is on fire
    - Nicole Miccio
    i will be leaving
    it is time to get work done
    it is a long day
    - emmanuel
    the winds blow the trees
    the birds on the trees blew off
    the trees are empty
    - ning ye, BMCC
    I did not like it
    The first cheeseburger i had
    the cheese did smelle bad
    - Indii
    it's very cloudy
    but I am still happily
    sitting in my room
    - Anonymous
    today will be warm
    so i shall not morn within
    this sauna in me
    - Anonymous
    The mouse ran on me
    the girl jumped and I did too
    Everybody ran
    - Alester Rocha New York City
    Finding what you love
    Can be difficult at times
    Trick's not to give up
    - Shivam Bhalla, New York, NY
    The world around us
    Is full of ups and downs, just
    Try not to stay down.
    - Shivam Bhalla, New York
    I woke up today
    at seven in the morning
    then i brushed my teeth.
    - Ariel Sanchez
    I am writing now
    poetry about nothing
    but it is till fun.
    - Ariel Sanchez
    It was after work
    I need MY happy hour
    drink, eat and relax
    - Melissa, New York
    Captain likes to bite
    He squaks until my ears bleed
    Oh, I love him so
    - Nicole Miccio
    She loves to sing here.
    Who writes a song for her now?
    The answer is none.
    - ning ye , BMCC
    I hate this poem
    I hate reading this poem
    But poem I do
    - Gloria BMCC
    Best things in my life
    Come one thing at a time, like
    My dearest son ABE
    I need the car now
    But the car is in the shop
    So I took the train
    - anonymous, New York
    I do feel your love
    In this heartless world I live
    Because I do feel.
    - Indii
    it is quite nice out
    the day is hot and humid
    what will the night bring?
    - emmanuel herrera
    When I hold your hands
    And I stare at your beauty
    My heart starts to melt
    - Armando Echevarria BMCC
    The blue sky reminds
    Me of how beautifully
    is life in New York
    - Yenny BMCC
    Woke up this morning
    But it took me an hour
    Then the blue sky smiled at me
    - anonymous, New York
    the dawn mist rises
    marking the end of a night
    of wine and kisses
    - Izzy David
    mem'ries thought long lost
    heart leaps as dreams rekindling
    yearnings thought long lost.
    - mervyn attwood, llanbedrog wales.
    Spaghetti on floor
    Diarrhea runs down leg
    I dont like this feel
    - The don
    Down by the lake shore
    The man takes his final breath
    And sinks to the ground
    - Anonymous
    Full of pain and tears
    Life erodes his heart away
    Just to be a tree
    - Anonymous
    Staring at the sun
    Sorrow embraces the man
    Sitting on the rock
    - Anonymous
    Walking down the street
    Rhythm of the city noise
    Gulfs my sad soul
    - Anonymous
    The sky dark with grey
    Wishing I was home right now
    A friend comes to me
    - Anonymous
    Quietly she sings
    Voice soothing and majestic
    Closing the eyes tight
    - Anonymous
    Stale air of the room
    Light seeping from the door cracks
    The books stacked to sky
    - Anonymous
    I feel the sun's rays
    a benefit without cost
    to enrich our lives
    - Okey-dokey
    Children of the world
    the future is in their hands
    they don't know it yet.
    - Okey-dokey
    Let the old man come.
    Let him see the moon and stars.
    Let the old man stay.
    - Mike, London, UK
    Wisdom possesses youth -
    Age travels the depths of time,
    Youth and age combine
    - Nancy May, England
    singular black eye
    it can see the end so near
    sudden flash ,good bye
    - Dave , Mass
    sadness inside deep
    tearing me into pieces
    someone tell me why
    - Dave, mass
    Oh what joy this brings,
    sunshine lighting green pastures,
    it is spring again.
    - Lyquid
    My brow is lowered
    As I feel the decades pass
    But the years won't stop
    - Anonymous
    Once there was nothing
    Suddenly there was something
    space time expanding
    - Tristaan Tiley
    Drip drip goes the tap
    Probably just the washer
    And yet never fixed
    - Tristaan Tiley
    la brume foulante
    se nourissent du vent
    des goelands
    - reunan
    Look ,see ,close your eyes
    Sharing a glimpse of heaven
    He knows a sparrow fell
    - Don KY
    When the sun rises
    Soft light kisses the dark earth
    Hope of a new day
    - Don KY
    Frozen cold hands
    In the white sky
    Exploding snow flakes
    - Sacco loks ,Compton California
    Staggered but not down
    A quick glance , summize , attack
    Instinct never fails
    - Don Kentucky
    Air bubbles surface--
    The koi have arrived to feed.
    They will not stay long.
    - H. Fischer Clarke
    see through homeless man
    your eyes are trained to ignore
    you nose the truth
    - D. Lewis - Palmdale
    pacing the table
    edge, looked up at the skylight
    a pond of deep blue
    - j.m.c.
    In sight hills afar
    Coated plain shades of dark green;
    Painter is unseen.
    - Ajay Seshadri, India
    falling slowly down
    like white sakura blossoms
    the snow starts to melt
    - Yuki British Colombia, Canada
    a lone sparrow
    atop the naked branch
    viewing sunset
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    dark evening rain
    i smell faint warm apricots
    where are you right now
    - teddy c
    Treesthat bend in wind
    have a beauty of their own
    blow wind, blow wind, blow
    - Meva J. Scarff
    The reptile on his
    belly slick,reversed His good
    with a lowly trick
    - Meva J. Scarff, Clarksburg. WV
    and opened all eyes
    to the ways of sin, so that
    love crept out and hate crept in.
    - Meva J. Scarff, Clarksburg, WV
    Alright! I'm quitting.
    Farewell my eternal love.
    I vow not to txt.
    - Sarah Citrin
    Another year gone,
    Didn't make resolutions,
    I am who I am!
    - Iguana Joe
    Just saw Death's image
    Wasn't how I thought he'd look...
    Almost said hello.
    - Ashley, Northridge
    Tui tu a sione
    Ros Mai to de Juli tu
    essa nere tu
    - Tudder 't Akann, Orb
    Hopping through the grass
    As careful as possible
    It is green like leaves
    - Rhianna Scotland
    Painting the dark sky
    Colorful lights are circling
    Oh! amazing scene!
    - John @ <a href=''>haiku poems</a>
    From the first forest,
    on the autumn floor, deep and
    golden, gingko leaves
    - Plaxy Folland, South Australia
    Rainbow afternoon,
    all the golden leaves rotting
    under back yard trees
    - Plaxy Folland, South Australia
    Token gold money
    inspires poems, burnt offerings
    to 'Metters Royal No. 1'
    - Plaxy Folland, South Australia
    Petals are gliding
    Swiftly gliding to the ground
    Carried by the breeze
    - Sabrina B.
    The snow falls to earth
    Silently and gracefully
    The world is dreaming.
    - Ben C. From Virginia
    Little fingertips
    Bright, blue eyes so soft and deep
    Love lasts forever.
    - Katherine D- South Carolina
    It is just a smile-
    But it's a gift from heaven
    Buried in my heart.
    - Sophi W
    Stars fall from the sky
    And I catch one in my hand
    Like a firefly.
    - Jenna N. From Oklahoma
    Drip-drop on my roof,
    Pitter-patter on the trees
    How I love the rain.
    - Ricky
    Sitting on the porch
    But in my mind I'm elsewhere-
    A beautiful dream.
    - Cadmium
    Beautiful flower
    So unique, yet so lonely
    Swaying in the breeze.
    - Cadmium
    My dreams are my own,
    No one can can change my outlook,
    I will reach my goals.
    - Bailey Ellis
    But it's not so bad
    Even you don't need me back
    You're the best I had
    - Fallen Star
    I sit here and now
    to observe but not to look
    wonder but not think
    - Michael Wilson. Butler, PA
    Trapped into the red sunset.
    Far from my home for glory of my spirit.
    Remembering the morning dews and magical twilights.
    - Davide from Italy
    Sam scored six-teen goals.
    The soccer ball hit the pole.
    Did he score a goal.
    - Shadidur Rahman Paterson NJ USA
    snow snow snow
    shawling out the sky
    - cheryl - island in the salish sea
    I lost my mood ring
    And I'm not really sure how
    I feel about that
    - Anonymous
    Second worlds are there
    Dimensions beyond the me
    One way to be there
    - Burr
    Clouded Sky
    Playing Hide N Seek
    "My Lovely Son"
    - Satdeep Gill , Patiala
    My heart's dying star
    Grieve in the faintest moonlight
    Mysterious false dawn
    - Planet Mercury
    Burning leaves, dark autumn night
    Smokey yellow flames dance, chilly wind sighs
    Long shadows ripple, flicker, shimmer
    - Jim K
    I've had it all wrong.
    I wouldn't have to hold on
    if you were special.
    - Emily, UK
    Awake, I'm thinking
    Awake, he is thinking too
    Of somebody else
    - Blue Star
    Elusive night star
    Shining, fading and falling
    Heart covered with cloud
    - Planet Mercury
    The greatest truth she
    ever spoke was, "It seems I'm
    always leaving you,,,"
    - The Fool
    you said your love for
    me was pure gold but it did not
    pass the acid test
    - Tom O'Bedlam Wessex England
    candle flame flickers
    in the moonless night.
    i sweat profusely
    - Anonymous
    Pink , blue lillies in a vase
    The weather did not cause the bloom
    The other did
    - Sripriya kumar
    a bird inside, hushed.
    cages between bones,skin and blood.
    may its voice win death.
    - geri, vermont, usa
    I see distant star
    Shining for me and gazing
    I am not afar
    - White Star
    the summer solstice
    waves gently flow in and out
    patches of green shade
    - jeannefiedler (NJ)
    I see in your eyes
    mystical gloom of sadness
    and cry of your heart.
    - Igor Marinovsky
    swift streaks of meteors
    catching sight of heaven's light
    shower of your love
    - Planet Mercury
    A forest of calm,
    The wind breathes, "serenity",
    A blossom opens.
    - Samm, USA
    clouds melt away to
    blue sky as day breaks after
    the storm in my head
    - metallifan3091, Moscow, ID
    You are as coral
    you are not the flowers seen
    but the rock beneath
    - Axis
    Waiting for my Love
    There, in the distance, I see
    Shes running away
    - Brian Moser - Alexandria VA
    Herons wait - patience
    Birch trees shiver in the cold
    I will be home soon
    - Carla White, Georgia
    If you're feeling bad,
    About something, remember,
    Hitler was much worse.
    - Anonymous
    If your owl dies,
    It might have been for the best,
    They eat you alive
    - Anonymous
    neon groves
    morning sunrise
    unbridled passion
    - sassy
    room heater:
    wintry currents reach
    her pink face
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    Leaves have fallen
    Amazed how short days are
    sadness becomes me
    - Corey Moylan
    As i imagine college
    i see what homeless could have become
    honor that
    - Anonymous
    Old flame still smolders
    Won't you die out or ignite?
    - Rebecca Chicago IL
    The snow falls softly
    Into a blankey of white
    A cold miracle
    - Chelsea, USA Age 10
    the bamboo whispers
    seas of humanity roar
    nature's ways endure
    - Ron Bracale, Conneaut Ohio USA
    As the sun retreats
    A dragonfly rests in peace
    On a floating twig
    - Emidica
    Misery stalks me
    Watching every move I make
    Misery stalks me.
    - J'Aime,Baton Rouge,LA,USA
    dull job lets mind soar
    Outside, wind scrapes branch on pane
    boss walks in; I'm lost
    - Mark Satmary, Three Rivers, Michigan
    Waning crescent moon
    Don't lose your sight of Saturn
    Beware, Arcturus
    - Spica
    When you are in Rome
    Make sure to find you a dude
    Nero burn that shit down
    - matt mccordinator and zach setchfield Nashville, tn
    at autumn he writes
    haiku how Nobel prize
    finally found him
    - Alex Jones, Sydney Australia
    The darkness crept in
    The light forced it to go out
    The battle is won
    - Christopher Clark
    Coffee stained pages
    Makes me think of last nights
    beverage spills
    - John Jennings ( Galway, Ireland )
    Got many Books to Read
    never found the time in short life
    short life now shorter
    - Anonymous
    Love knows not its depths
    Until the separation
    Nay, who wants to know?
    - Planet Mercury
    The neighbors next door
    They mark their territory
    with lots of garbage.
    - Misty, IN
    White feet hug the Earth
    Flies on inveisible wings
    Alights on my nose
    - Leigha
    Lost in translation
    Nowhere to go, what to do
    Cracks in my ceiling
    - Jlinke
    Divides a penny,
    Each lost soul from the other;
    Restless are many!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai India
    It must be raining flames
    Switch on skin conditioners;
    It=EF=BF=BDs year three thousand!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai India
    trees sawy in the wind
    the wind blows flowers away
    wind be soft today
    - Cordy
    i like to sing songs
    but I do not have sweet voice
    so I wish to learn
    - MBJ Pancras
    attempt not to die
    death is common to people
    so don't fear or cry
    - MBJ Pancras
    what you do right now
    is not what you do later
    and is not the same
    - MBJ Pancras
    Sakuras blossom
    Spring, long awaited, is born
    Shine once more Red Sun
    - Flavia, Miami
    Naked skin of silk
    Breaths, like leaves in whispered wind
    Dust grazes her lip
    - Stefan, Earth, The Milky Way
    The beautiful sound
    Of crickets in the evening--
    Lovely Autumn's voice
    - Anonymous
    Nothing like the snow
    On a winter's afternoon
    Patting like the rain
    Vespers of the crickets
    Lift the cooling air
    Teapot on the fire
    - Barbara Magic, United States
    I read your message
    What a million times over
    How will I thank you?
    - for my Master
    very dark mood is set
    friendship is in the past life
    the sun shall rise late this day
    - Perkins, NY
    Flowers dancing in a field,
    Swaying in the warming days,
    Spring is here to stay.
    - Anonymous
    Men die everyday
    Like the waves of an ocean
    Silent Submission
    - Hutheback - South Korea
    Despite struggles and
    emotional imbalance,
    Earth happily spins.
    - Amber, United States
    Bedridden, sickness,
    Old age as my bane - collapse
    On the bed: too frail
    - Anonymous
    Amazing, you are
    Your smile turns the world around
    Forever, I love you
    - Fahad, London
    - Tatjana Debeljacki Serbia
    Venus my bright star
    Constantly watching over
    Best Friends Forever
    - Kyjo
    Window wet with rain
    Drops fall from the cloudy sky
    disracting weather
    - John Jennings ( Galway, Ireland )
    Spring vows to bring bloom
    Many colors shoot around
    Dulled by widow's gloom
    - Motts
    Come in all of you
    Analyze subjectively
    The air in this crypt.
    - SWL
    Lie facedown with masks
    The gravel is indigo
    Fins move us to blue
    - SWL
    A chair awaits me
    It is Thursday afternoon
    And tea is ready
    - SWL
    My name is perfect
    Indicating destiny
    I will not comply
    - SWL
    after sunset
    looking for pests
    a hedgehog
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    The sea brings me life
    edible creatures give their lives to me
    I am nourished again
    - Richard Walks With Grizzlies
    in a pack of wolves
    the one wearing sheeps clothing
    is just wolf dinner
    - roger nashville
    If you wish to die
    I live, hold you in my heart
    There, you'll never die
    - Spica
    Heaven may snatch you
    My star to meet me at night
    I gaze forever
    - Spica
    Waves of dark hair fall.
    Eyes, tight-closed, beam secret smiles.
    Turquoise suits her well.
    - Anonymous, Nashville, TN USA
    Love life, be happy
    Love unconditionally
    Love life, be happy
    - Spica
    Every night and day
    Missing you and waiting for
    Our happy ending
    - Raina
    Sneaky mind plays tricks
    On my dreaming heart tonight
    Don't ever wake up
    - Raina
    Night space shuttle flight
    Deep sleep launch me to dreamland
    My one love station
    - Spica
    Counting syllables
    Writing and reminiscing
    Haiku is healing
    - Spica
    girl it is winter
    hibernate tonight with me
    now sleep well sleep tight
    - Adzy Yallingup
    Stars seem to fall down
    Storm keeps the sky dark and gloom
    I miss my friend much
    - Spica
    - Tatjana Debeljački, Serbia
    - Tatjana Debeljački, Serbia
    - Tatjana Debeljački, Serbia
    Sleep comes so slowly
    His lips stained with honey and lies
    My heart knows the truth
    - Vicky Stevens
    Gentle, quiet bird
    Watch you dance arond the trees
    The leaves are falling
    - Georgia Ketels
    Famous Merlion
    Do mythical beasts exist?
    Fly to Singapore
    - Spica
    Sunshine burns my eyes
    broken, my soul feels no warmth
    My heart stays frozen
    - James Cassidy, Launceston, TAS
    A coiled rattlesnake
    Dying on cold desert sand
    Ah, where is your sting?
    - Spica
    Advent of Winter
    Trees bare, searching for cover
    Bare until the end
    - M.L. Chrome
    the red sky opens up
    flashes of an ageing sun
    an old song to hum
    - Shafeeq Valanchery, Hyderabad
    Divided nation
    Those who cannot not say ain't
    And those that cannot
    - Eric, Reynoldsburg Ohio
    I see you driving
    Round town with the girl I love
    And I'm like, Haiku.
    - cee lo green
    Foiled, by the fruitless
    pursuit of my own folly
    Found, as fortune follows me
    - Jason, USA
    Clouds are passers by
    Greet them before they may leave
    For rains in exchange!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai
    Cutting logs of wood
    In a forest without trees
    Gives room for wasteland.
    - Ajay Seshadri Chennai
    We all have a dream
    But it is all just a scheme
    Yet we all live on
    - Cesar Herrera, Montclair California
    i must soon decide
    Awaiting The Coming Morn
    Corona of light
    - Lord Mauro, Orlando
    The color of blue
    Mountain to other mountain
    The flower of wind
    - Tatjana Debeljački, Serbia
    Childhood memories
    Pikachu on Route 20
    Gotta Catch em All
    - Cara, TX
    Planets are aligned
    It is friday the thirteenth
    Good and bad collide
    - Kyjo
    I answered "Yes! Yes!"
    But, the snow-covered door
    was still knocked at...
    - Anonymous
    The pale moon comes out
    hear the creatures of the dark
    want to come play now
    - Jessie
    beauty and kindness
    intelligent and graceful
    I cannot have you
    - Tabby, Stirling, Scotland
    left on the fringes
    the beauty was so evil
    what was the purpose
    - Tabby, Stirling, Scotland
    piercing rays of sun
    stab my eyes so they are blind
    what wonderful light
    - Tabby, Stirling, Scotland
    Furry snowy pup
    Adorable Samoyed
    Pet on my desktop
    - Spica
    Guru at wit's end
    Synapse and neurons collapse
    Here lies sanity
    - Daniel
    Dog days of summer
    It's gone before I knew it
    Cold as December
    - Daniel
    your appearance is
    only a cover up of
    who you really are
    - Richard Gavia/C.A. Palmdale
    Missing light dark nights
    Phoenix bright suffice my wound
    Sleep tight or save whom
    - Victor Sanchez
    Brave men and women
    Giving their lives for freedom
    To serve and protect
    - Kyjo
    A Poet through words
    Charms stars of reality
    With twinkling insights.
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai
    Energy curtailed
    The oven of possession
    Wants to dominate.
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai
    If life is a race
    Man i am falling behind
    hope i'm the Tortoise.
    - G from Tennessee
    A kiss of coffee
    In a cold and windy night
    Smooth music playing
    - Emmanuel Crespo, Philippines
    A friend comes to life
    At the nib of my blue pen
    I will write again
    - Spica
    Music and a tear
    Heals broken heart to pure love
    Love matters the most
    - Spica
    I envy truckers
    and the taxi cab drivers
    Oh, forward motion!
    - Will Kosh, Wisconsin
    lle ier tiuka
    lye naia lle auta ar'
    miqula orqu
    - Noah F., Port Townsend, WA, USA, 12 years old
    Truth is hard to find
    Look and it will come to you
    Use this gift wisely
    - Noah F., Port Townsend, WA, USA, 12 years old
    i miss you nanao
    also sendai my good friend
    10 years since last sight
    - Noah F., Port Townsend, WA, USA, 12 years old
    on the computer
    we waited for your response
    please put this one in!
    - Noah F., Port Townsend, WA, USA, 12 years old
    Chores and work are first
    Then school for your three children
    Fun is last of all
    - Noah F., Port Townsend, WA, USA, 12 years old
    Leaves gently swaying
    Wind whispering in my ears
    Nature at its best
    - Kyjo
    A Beautiful Girl
    Whose Name Sends Sparks Through My Heart
    Newfound Love Ignites
    - Jwatz
    I dreamt this morning
    Saw Chinese lanterns far off
    Or were they missiles?
    - Jeni, London
    A sip of water.
    The cup is more than half full!
    Yet we keep waiting?
    Every man is born,
    knowing that death is certain.
    But He forgets it!
    - AB, India
    A little white lamb
    A girl whose name is Mary
    Constant companions
    - Greg
    Walking in bare feet
    On the warm fresh growing grass
    Spring is now in step
    - Jacob Giesbrecht
    Life should be a song
    Use your heart as the beat and
    The rest will just flow
    - Anonymous
    Love lies - a lady
    Sings with spring - only to fall
    To the dark winter
    - Andrew, Baton Rouge
    It is the quiet
    When you slip into my thoughts.
    I dread the quiet
    - Deanna
    Scum covered puddle
    Resting by the rail road tracks
    Pollywogs live here
    - Deanna
    the ocean glitters
    as a thousand angels spin
    dancing on blue silk
    - Sara
    As I rest in bed
    Memories of YOU and I
    Looks pretty tonight
    - Emmanuel Crespo, Philippines
    Light flows through curtains
    as darkness dissolves slowly
    to birds bright noises
    - Poppy Miles New Orleans
    Mystery, you are
    Hidden; diversions, secrets
    Find your happiness
    - Deanna
    Oh little bramble
    Stuck with love, my side aches now
    I am free of you
    - Deanna
    presents await you
    in the refrigerator
    six india pale ales
    - Anonymous
    Snow banks are melting,
    Air is warming, ground is soft.
    I saw a crocus.
    - Valerie Stratton, Altoona, PA
    Pushing through oak leaves
    placed as protection last fall.
    Tulip leaves are spears.
    - Valerie Stratton, Altoona, PA
    Outside of the house
    It is raining cats and dogs
    Kids are safe from rain
    - HM
    Hanami season
    Cherry blossoms are falling
    - Eva, Denmark
    No one around me.
    A feeling of emptiness;
    No words can express
    - Ata, Texas
    fall beneath the sky
    from which you flee to flutter
    crisp and delicate
    - April G, Dundee
    Crisp golden petals,
    Unique but in uniform
    A glimmer of hope
    - Katherine
    Did Spring just begin?
    Crickets chirping. Spring's here, right?
    My bad... tinnitis.
    - Jeff Siperly - Brooklyn, NY
    Winter snow flakes
    mar my car, each unique, but
    none more than you are.
    - Dean McElveen, WA
    My feet in the water
    My hands are in the soft sand
    The sky is beaming blue
    - Beth235
    Each leaf leaves the tree
    Separately, yellow twirl,
    Fan, hand reaching out.
    - Joseph Aimone
    patterns in the snow
    dancing in the wind
    music to my soul
    - maxine
    snow angels dance
    under a blanket of snow
    makes my heart sing
    - maxine
    her silence:
    cold of the bed
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India.
    oh beautiful crane,
    walking along bamboo groves
    gracefully prancing
    - Elizabeth Wu age 7 Manhasset,NY
    Haiku is cliché
    Hipster love poems done on Pabst
    Got well pen at mall
    - Clayton Smalley, Plattsburgh NY
    Beneath the heavens
    Clouds embrace in harmony -
    A storm approaches
    - M. Paris
    An unknown thought lurks
    My mind, head, my reflection?
    My Philosophy
    - (&(^@)^(
    intent on my way
    it's selfishly about me
    here is my future
    - Trent Sanders NH
    be it as it may.
    i sit relentlessly here.
    it is self-loathing.
    - Trent Sanders, NH
    she looks like a frog,
    scolds for the stupidest things,
    my mean math teacher
    - Anonymous
    grapes and strawberries,
    bananas, kiwis, and pears,
    love every fruit!
    - Anonymous
    Clouds come upon him
    Knowing she has left his side
    The sky cries with him
    - Marty, Chicago IL
    Don't eat all of our kind
    Please save some for me
    - Anonymous
    A firefly glows
    In the middle of the night
    A small miracle
    - Francesca Crema, Vancouver Canada, Age 11
    forked tongue and venom
    tell that a snake carries poison
    Steer clear, warm-hearted
    - Cindy Clark, United States
    Water Blasting Me
    Beating To A Song Down Me
    Dancing To My Move
    - Brittany L. Terry Yellow Springs, Ohio
    What mistake i made?
    Talking to walls in the night
    became my fate.
    - Shahzad Niaz, Karachi, Pakistan -
    Fortune Cookie say:
    Moderate your appetite.
    So much irony...
    - Michael N. P. Miller, *GONG*
    Soft eyes, paw on knee,
    A hand caresses gently.
    Exchanged therapy.
    - Patricia Bianco - Therapy Dog Owner - Port Credit Ontario
    youths days burn brightly
    a flame that cannot sustain
    no more what you were
    - jerry s kokomo indiana
    Seems lovely and bright
    teacher's face in front of the
    multimedia light
    - Shahzad Niaz, Karachi, Pakistan
    Shadows on the walls;
    Of the old broken down house.
    A creak from within.
    - Wilson Somerville. New Zealand
    Gulping down the fruit
    Of the giant cherry tree.
    Snap! Flying away.
    - Wilson Somerville. New Zealand
    Your doe eyed beauty
    Evident in the winter air
    Warmth in my soul
    - Cotapaxi, Purbeck
    searching mother
    in the thickening dark:
    the tree stands
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    Embrace your grateful future.
    Try to understand.
    - Parker, Koontz. 17, colorado
    Night has now come
    I am alone with the moon.
    He carries ill news.
    - Anonymous
    Exhaust of the cars
    Hangs in the frosty air like
    Soft breath of cattle.
    - K. Rais, New York
    Forever gone
    in the lonely dark without
    me by his side
    - Kimi, Croatia
    hold on
    invite misery
    a flowing water is a stream
    - daniel ronald bogogolela.
    Life is important
    every bit must be used
    Don't die regretful
    - John Danielle Lopez Philippines
    A big yellow block
    A small, green, blue, purple block
    That's my writer's block
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    I am saying good
    bye to those of you who have
    read all my haikus.
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    Walk far to the moon
    Turn your eyes, head to the Sun
    Walk back to our Earth
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    What pops in your mind
    Is what goes on the paper
    For people to read
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    Write five syllables
    Now write seven syllables
    Seventeen in all
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
    Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep
    Who likes traffic jams?
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    I have a problem
    I have no idea how
    To write a Haiku
    - Isaac Kim/Fullerton
    Hanson is outside
    Their hair glistens in the sun
    Come inside my loves
    - Jessica Montemayor
    fingers grip the hilt
    shock in her eyes
    as blood splashes steel
    - Kenneth Parker, Cascadia
    luminous cloud moon
    humanity's edge obscures
    I still feel your cold
    - J.D. Muchlinski - St. Paul, MN
    great puff of air
    voices cut mid-sentence
    planetary vacuum
    - Kenneth Parker, Cascadia
    All dimples
    in elegant black
    a funeral
    - Kenneth Parker, Cascadia
    Haiku are for me
    Creativity shortage
    This is poetry
    - Joe Bennett, 16, Ipplepen, England
    A boy daft as I
    Should never hope for success
    Unless forthcoming
    - Joe Bennett, 16, Ipplepen, England
    What is right in life?
    Is it friends and those you love?
    What if they hurt you?
    - Anonymous
    one word
    for that crazy
    woman (Boo)
    - charles pace
    Haikus fill my time
    A mere distraction to me
    From my real troubles
    - Anonymous
    Like delicious Creme
    Her tasty soft blissful skin warms
    my pallet Mmmmm
    - Ryan Donaldson Sunrise, FL
    Hopes and dreams of mine
    Shattered along the edges
    By tireness and hate
    - Miguel Lazarte, Philippines
    Black on sodden leaves,
    Becomes what we used to be,
    More an echo. than song.
    - Kurtis, Manchester, U.K.
    We weren't granted swords
    To know the sound of clashing
    We disregaurd peace
    - Michigan
    emptiness haunts
    with mind in the gutter
    poetry unsafe
    - R.K.Singh.
    Trees like obstacles
    obscure my view of the sky
    Will I make it there?
    - Demy Maher, Oklahoma
    shiny foreign coins
    sleeping in my desk drawer
    where can I spend you
    - Jill Grunewald, Saint Paul, MN
    rockets pierce the sky
    lighting up the whole dark sky
    yes!!!!!!!diwali is here!!!!!!!!!
    - Anonymous
    Passive agressive
    I am sure it has its ends
    Its means bleeds the soul
    - Nick, Texas
    Lo! Something on high
    Tall cypress sways at sundown
    Heron silhouette
    Light bright in the mind
    Give vent to reproduce thoughts
    Behind the curtains!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai
    Time frozen matter,
    Nature well at the fore-front;
    Melts the stubborn soul!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai
    last train to Ito
    first times in Japon ago
    next life Kyoto too
    - Christa Julius Mishima, from Switzerland
    when the rain kiss me
    winds softlely blows my hair
    warm love to Kyoto
    - Christa Julius Mishima, from Switzerland
    the same complaints
    paper deity
    - R.K.Singh.
    i like lots of sports
    b ball is my favorite
    i love all my sports
    - Ja'Marquine Martin sam houston middle school
    Winter beach seashore
    A darkness in Pepe's heart
    Need Katie's soul shine
    - Rhino - Manchester, Ct.
    see hairs of silver
    each day clinging to my brush
    the winter is here
    - alan perth wa
    What blooms in her hair
    Plucked from yonder field of green
    Died like she last spring.
    - Ariana F. Hart <3
    Crimson trails beckon
    The Nighingale's song soothes my soul
    The sand falls no more
    - CuMorrigu - Beyond the Seventh Wave
    Fast curves, shady slows
    Ferns dip in fascination
    Wild little stream
    - Leah Thomas, Grand Marais, MN
    Here wasting away,
    I'm finding a moment's peace;
    Pondering this life.
    - Dan Vadnais, NY
    The sky is as blue,
    As I have ever seen it;
    Contrasting white clouds.
    - NY
    Submerged in the sea
    A salt-water baptismal
    Cleanses just my skin
    - Stacey - New York
    The beautiful day
    As it passed away by hand
    Of cruel misery
    - Dime Rose Diola, Philippines
    Slate grey rhino runs,
    Ivory horns threatening.
    Dust clouds arising from hooves.
    - Jessie Chen Australia
    Seal pup's big eyes gleam,
    Bleack whiskers from its moist nose.
    a white fluffy baby.
    - Jessie Chen Australia
    memories, tears,pain.
    soul being lovingly held by god.
    peace love.
    - death by kerri miceli
    Meeting room comments
    Farmyard chickens cluck away
    McNuggets special
    - Rhino - Manchester, Ct.
    wild times during spring
    flowers live and die, a dream
    tomorrow is now
    - Marcel Duin
    the slow offence--
    her first date
    - R.K.Singh.
    Junk yard. Bottles hurled.
    Papers fly, seagulls cry: Ah!
    Wanton, wasteful world!
    - Anonymous
    10 groups of people
    Those who know binary code
    And those who do not
    - Anonymous
    Death is poetry
    sang in the mists of utter
    despair. Cry out Cry
    - Carlos Lwanga Kampala, Uganda
    In the dark shadows
    Of the Eucalyptus tree
    The healing begins
    - Thomas, Colorado
    Enjoy love's rainbow,
    Slide down its colours of peace;
    Your face shines in glow!
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai, India
    Imagine a day
    When sun refuses to rise;
    In vain all eyesight.
    - Ajay Seshadri, Chennai, India
    love acts before us,
    love reads in front of us,
    love lives as love does.
    - Tom Moran (
    J.K Rowling writes
    About a boy wizard kid
    I'm stuck with haikus
    - Veritas Black
    To be a circle
    Is quite a bore, don't you know?
    Wish to be a star
    - Veritas Black
    Litterate they say
    To that I enjoy saying
    - Veritas Black
    Songs of Autumn lie
    With the few colors scattered
    On the greying ground
    - Veritas Black
    Light Breaks Through Windows
    The Fight Against Storms Won
    It Finds A Way Home
    - Laurel, Florida, USA
    Screaming and shouting
    Killing and fighting for life
    My cousins are here
    - Veritas Black
    The dark is rising
    The light is fading to dim
    Areas grow grey
    - Anonymous
    Roses fall on snow
    Leaving beauty on the breeze
    Even in the chill
    - Anonymous
    Summer winds wating
    For Autumn to come again
    Embrace like lovers
    - Veritas Black
    Rain, rain, go away
    Come again another day
    I am getting wet
    - Brendan Brewster, Brisbane, Qld, Australia
    Luna gazes down,
    A face more beautiful than life
    far away,she weeps.
    - Montana Beecroft, Mill Valley CA
    Submissive white mist
    Hot sun thrusting through the clouds
    Color was their child
    - Title Rainbow - Taiken
    Silver orb, staring,
    Glowing bright, the feral howl
    Of laughing madmen.
    - Blue-Eyed Devil
    to the sea. to see
    moebius strip overcast
    cut occam's razor
    - tpd
    Flirtatious woman
    Make me grin from ear to ear
    You inspire me.
    - Diana Montague, Egypt
    early morning sun
    illuminates blades of grass
    the world is awake
    - funambulist
    stars shine regardless
    of the number of people
    caring to look up
    - funambulist
    never be afraid
    to leap; the edges of cliffs
    crumble for still feet
    - funambulist
    you are loved you are
    loved you are loved you are loved
    you are loved, always
    - funambulist
    The cold, calmed breeze speaks
    Peace it brings to my cursed mind
    Fear I shall not have
    - Anonymous
    parfum des lilas -
    la voisine attend son linge
    au soleil du matin
    - Damien Gabriels
    Night sky is early
    the moon will not show herself
    "now is the new me"
    - R. A. Espino Philippines
    With scarf in bare back
    plucking hibiscus in sun
    Kali worshippper
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Give me one reason
    Why I should not retreat now
    Before I fail you.
    - Matt lothe
    - Fakhmi Wahyudi,Indonesia
    At the journey's end
    Discarded bag of wine gums
    Only green ones left
    - Patrick. UK
    Through the winter mists
    a light I see, unbidden,
    yet welcome and warm.
    - Howard Moon, Sacramento CA
    Sea Dragon's fire breath
    Makes Phoenix wet from high tide
    On hot summer day
    - D. Nathan Cain, Yokosuka, Japan
    Lonely sunrise--
    birds fly away in search
    of worms in ash
    - R.K.Singh, India .
    Across the meadow
    Through the dense of morning mist
    A path to Bielefeld
    - Valentino Schlenz - Bielefeld, Deutschland
    Frail cherry blossom
    Birthday like summers of our youth
    Sweet and soon departs
    - Chesley V. Morton - Atlanta, Georgia
    No seas, no water.
    Still, ships continue to float.
    Holding many things.
    - Matas Levickas LT
    Summer's wilting sun,
    somnolently retreating
    to night's dominion
    - Morgan John Owen - Merthyr Tydfil - UK
    Cold water overhead
    rising to breathe the air
    wanting nothing more
    - J.D. Louisville, KY
    the calm winds make the
    lovely trees follow the path
    so do the blossoms
    - Emma Baly CA, USA
    pretty blossom trail
    with pink and purple flowers
    make the trail alive
    - chloe CA, Fresno
    Drink from the toilet
    Refreshing yellow water
    Now my tummy hurts
    - John McCain, one of my many houses
    Lovely blossom trail
    with bright and sunny colors
    makes the scene go wild
    - chloe CA, Fresno
    Nude vernal Spring leaves
    clinging tightly to their stems--
    lulled by Summer's warmth
    - Felipe Mejia, Coral Springs
    Heads roll on the floor
    laughing out loud with my Zeds
    No Nature's Allowed!
    flowers are blooming
    bursts of colors come alive
    fragrant smells around
    - sanchez power! south gate, california
    count five syllables
    you have enough for a line
    now think of the rest
    - sporn
    a few snowflakes at dawn
    my fat clothes
    in the cedar chest
    - Jamie Sweeney, Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania
    a round moon
    rises early this evening--
    pale creeper
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    the truth shows its face
    right through sunday's quiet rain:
    i am all alone
    - Anonymous
    The silky snow flake
    floating silently downwards
    caresses my face
    - Simran Solomon Islands
    If God had Facebook
    "Our relationship," would say
    "It's complicated."
    - Jesse Quick, Santa Cruz
    springtime promenade
    sundrenched rivers of perfume
    tomorrow? who cares?
    suddenly a girl
    sunshine, perfume, swaying hips
    my poor heart explodes
    soft city lights shine
    and those velvet heaven stars-
    the eyes of strangers.
    insistent ocean
    you beguile me with your dreams
    beckoning always
    Gentle forest path
    whisp'ring pools of light, green gold
    butterflies birdsong
    - dominic, on the road
    Thoughts like autumn leaves
    twist into fluttering piles
    or drift on alone
    - Dominic, on the road.
    Empty mailbox
    nightmarish loneliness
    search continues
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    Struggling through the snow
    Far far from the home I know
    Dreaming of real warmth
    - Ben Thib Londonderry, NH
    The candle wax melts,
    drips down around its edges,
    remnants of its life.
    the light glazed pond leaves
    gently showering birdsong
    now sun, welcome warmth
    - nancy
    The spring time sun shines
    Walking the usual route ...
    On my way to work
    - Anonymous
    High in the sky
    Floating, falling to the ground
    A snow flake
    - Brad Syracuse NY
    The old man
    leaving the cemetery
    pulling a fast one.
    - Rob E. CA
    The third day of rain.
    Reflected in the window
    a boy's gloomy face
    - Rob E. CA
    so daffie-dillies
    your incongrousness is
    somewhat incorrigible
    - Elisabeth Gertz
    Fallen wet leaves lay
    like broken shards of glass.
    The pavement glimmers.
    Snow covers ground
    Turning trees to ice with cold
    Blanketed by white
    - Shannon M. of Central NY
    A metal monster
    Casts shadow above city
    blocking sun's bright light
    - Shannon M.
    all their hearts
    have grown cold
    sipping green tea
    - Richard Kochanski, New York
    Play As Time Goes By
    Memories of lost Paris
    Just me and Sam now
    Paranoid heart beat
    with Peae tattooed to the lips
    hoding a candle
    Nice paper houses
    perfect garbage and fake real
    prison looks so good
    Shower me in guilt
    suffocate me in sorrow
    I do not fear pain
    Read war for dummies
    America's favorite
    punish the authors
    Shakesphere is now dead
    who will save our lover's hearts
    long live poetry
    Yes, love me gently
    Selfishly take all my heart
    Educate my soul
    - Anonymous
    Alone in the mouintains
    I look around
    Let out a fart
    - Rapolas Vilnius
    In Silent Darkness
    My lone candles flame flutters
    Inquisitive Breeze
    - Typhon
    ripples under steam
    numbness in my fingertips
    melt into the bath
    - Dave M. in Missouri
    Breathing short
    A lung filled up
    Furosemide please
    - RN, UK
    We step on rich soil
    Full of death, yet giving life,
    Supports its burden.
    - nawaz
    All day all the time
    Nothing more than a lonely
    - James Williams, Oxfordshire, England
    Slender hair hovers
    Winter bamboo's yearning heart
    lovers on paper
    - Sansen ~ Fort Bragg, California -
    Summer shadows long
    across the Zendo pointing
    The Heart is chanted
    - Sansen ~ Fort Bragg, California -
    Fall darkness again
    softly singing sparrows voice
    announces daylight
    - Sansen ~ Fort Bragg, California
    Eyes that see your soul
    Lips that smile and speak sweetly
    Amy's in the house
    May Peace, Love, Joy
    follow you through the season
    You are in my thoughts
    Can I see myself
    I walk across coals on fire
    Why can I not feel
    - Equi, Mahattan
    My necklace and sword
    My heirloom I shall pass on
    Questions do arise
    - ld12278
    Add me on Facebook
    Then I can make extra cash
    Stop avoiding me
    - Sweet
    Fall's colors ablaze
    Families praise the harvest
    On Turkey's death day.
    - Boruch Fishman: Tel Aviv
    So empty in life
    Search for answers cannot find
    The pain will pass
    - Sammy Ang @ Christmas Island (Yes red crabs migrating now!)
    He strays far and wide
    But all the planes, boats and trains
    Take him back to you.
    - Nikos, UK
    Autumn rain falls down
    pounding upon the roof top
    eyelids grow heavy
    - Shelly T.S
    They are growing fast
    The younger generation --
    Snow fall is not far.
    - Anonymous
    I wear a new suit
    Not because I am wealthy
    But because I must
    - Nikos, UK
    You did not feed me.
    I’ll trip you at the stairs.
    Next time, remember.
    - Rachel Brown, the owner of a hungry cat.
    Something changed today
    You stopped and listened to me
    Yet I said nothing
    - Nikos, UK
    You are the bomb, dawg.
    You are cooler than skittles.
    You are pure awesome.
    - Alfred Van Fingleheimer, Texas
    bumper to bumper
    this same dreary daily grind
    a killing routine
    - Robert Fournier, Hueytown AL
    Warm and beautiful
    Orange light lifts your heart up
    Toward the autumn sky
    - Heather, Philadelphia
    an empty sky looms
    a bitter wind blows cold night
    here, i am alone
    her face remembered
    a brief glow in the darkness
    autumnal night falls
    A hint of sorrow
    And as the room goes silent
    He takes his last breath
    - Hali Anne
    Cooking your body
    Warm, buttery allspice wafts
    Your face smiles at me
    - amy hunt Williamsburg, va
    stare drink in the eye
    now the pen not the pencil
    four walls friend or foe
    - Eric Oakland
    the space traveller
    his father does not believe
    his son does not care
    - Omar Samarah, Wichita, KS
    Hands clasped warm embrace
    leaves fall red into white
    on courageous friend
    - Kim McKinleyville CA
    Wind blows soft branches
    a single cherry blossom falls
    in quiet perfection
    - C.N.P IL
    Her tears softly fall
    while insanity collides
    inside white drops dawn
    - Annette Muth 400s 450w #14 Wellington UT 84542
    drops of water
    ripples in the lake,
    come home, the ocean
    - Anonymous
    Friend complains of spam
    Humorous idea in my mind
    Can fit in mailbox
    - Steven Jones - Kingman
    My haikus are blue
    But only when I am blue
    Which is a whole lot
    - Jeremy A. Los Angeles
    My father is dead
    It has been thirteen years now
    I know nothing else
    - Jeremy A. Los Angeles
    Drown in my own tears
    Aretha knows me too well
    She channels my thoughts
    - Jeremy A. Los Angeles
    Counting syllables
    On my fingers they hurt now
    But I will not stop
    - Jeremy A. Los Angeles
    I live in LA
    People say it's paradise
    I'm not so convinced
    - Jeremy A. Los Angeles
    at the diesel pump
    faded jeans and cowboy boots -
    the old trucker limps
    - Christopher Hicks, Michigan
    Global warming sucks
    Ozone layer is dying
    Earth will follow suit
    - The fat ninja, robbing convenience store.
    So many typoes
    Keyboards are like twister mats
    but for my fingers.
    In the woods,
    Chasing pinecones;
    laughter echoes
    - Ramu Shinjin
    Shining sun,
    waves wash the sea shore;
    clouds roll in
    - Ramu Shinjin
    She walks in the room
    Eyes meet and heart beats faste
    Cool wine on my lips
    - Ramu Shinjin
    Light in the darkness
    Rents in the sea always heal
    Wounds heal scab and scar
    - Alex Jaye, NY
    Silent mosquitoes
    flying over my body
    slap hands together
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    Not a day without
    begging gods to solve problems--
    faith in helplessness
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    Violent silence
    my own thoughts torturing me
    thoughts of another.
    - Anonymous
    Backwards underwear
    Discovered at 5 pm --
    I leave them that way.
    - Mark B, IL
    Kittens on a log
    watching for mothers return
    O look!, there she is!!
    - Ralph J. Montonaro-Bradenton, Fl
    My window open.
    Cats out. Frolic, play. Return.
    Eat, love, nap. Freedom.
    - Amber, NC, USA
    Lonely Dragonfly
    gracefully floating above
    the swaying cattails
    - cheri in texas
    Graceful Firefly
    lights the moon shadow of
    my midnight garden
    - cheri in texas
    Whispered words and sighs
    Fill the air with their stories
    Of a special night
    - James Grassick, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Summer mornings bring
    Sneezing and runny noses
    Hayfever season
    - James Grassick, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Oh my angel, your
    Elegant way of moving
    Has captured my heart
    - James Grassick, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Stars wander like eyes
    The tea woods of Summer
    I smile like those stars
    - Kasurin S., Somewhere...
    A detailed email
    to you Is long overdue
    Ill get to it soon.
    - Anonymous
    Listen to me now
    I sing the song of pain and
    peace for that is war
    - AV, in Illinois.
    A bike ride at night
    Cool night air rushes past me
    Bugs hitting my face
    - Malcom Rolex - Naples Florida
    Tricky coyotes,
    they yip at the moon all night.
    I sleep with thier song.
    - JHW, Tucson
    Stormy days cry out
    Clouds weep bitter tears of rain
    Lightning strikes amiss.
    - Lauren, California
    Her fingers push
    the roots into the earth
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    thinking words we hear
    living other's fantasys
    through the tv screen
    - Matthew Baxter Miller
    Red with shame
    the sky at sunrise
    her new kiss
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    when you went away
    thirsted for his blood in pain
    forever my love
    - Parm Kait Hope
    Making lemon tea
    and warm buttery toast--
    birds singing outside
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India,
    retirement nears
    resources dwindling fast
    enjoy the sunset
    - Mitch Tarr, Sacramento
    My nightmare last night:
    I was one of Santa's elves.
    It was horrible.
    - Ranxerox, Seattle
    The one song that all
    neo-pagans truly hate "Ding
    dong, the witch is dead"
    - Tom Boy
    I step into the
    Deep end, winter snow cover
    My body, the end
    - Tom Boy
    Clouds blaze silver joy
    While moonrays plow through the air;
    Autumn night creeps back.
    - tri tran, huntington beach ca
    White smelly blossums,
    Floating down from the light sky.
    Come my little blossom.
    - Nikki .A. - NSW Australia
    O, Lord rescue me--
    I, a sinner without joy--
    O.God forgive me--
    - tri tran
    ocean waves relax
    travel up and down the beach
    resting on warm sand
    Tulips like rainbows
    all the pretty colours blend
    blowing in the wind
    Beautiful ocean
    sunlight glitters on it
    nice clear blue water
    How melancholy
    and silent I am on this
    lonely Saturday
    - Hannah Cruz, California
    the wind is blowing
    leaves fall, honey
    and i see you, beautiful
    - Anonymous
    swings wantonly
    a dried leaf hanging by
    the spider's thread
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad (India),
    Luminous hummer
    winter flight five hundred miles
    please return come spring
    - Maralee Knowlen, Sherman Oaks, CA
    expressing is hard
    knowing you made me better
    you will be missed
    - jet screamer
    stony creek road
    old turtle lowers its head
    over the speed hump
    - USA
    Between earth and sky
    once barren clouds now give birth- -
    The earth rejoices
    - Charles Franklin Georgia
    eyeing more bruises
    one thought ripens in her head
    make banana bread
    - Michael K. Gatling, United States of America
    furnace on Bass Lake
    morphing while her bronzed hand spins
    slow to reel me in
    -, United States of America
    one cornered sparkle
    escapes the dust of makeup
    what more dare I say
    -, United States
    Days merge together
    Life, soon just a memory
    Was it a good one?
    - Felix
    A mist covers
    the valley of her body
    leaves memories
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India.
    Is all life sacred?
    A bug is crushed by my will
    A baby is born
    - London
    She Dances With Ease,
    Bringing Joy like Endless Springs,
    Her Feet Could Be Wings.
    - Richard - Norfolk, VA
    the setting sun...
    light snores
    from my daughter's room
    - Raquel B. -
    She Dances With Ease,
    Bringing Joy like Endless Springs,
    Her Feet Could Be Wings.
    - Richard - Norfolk, VA
    the setting sun...
    light snores
    from my daughter's room
    - Raquel B. -
    crappy single ply
    Stubborn bubble prevents drain
    shame my stain remains
    - alfred "double flush" crabtree, fall creek falls, TN
    write on paper
    white as snow...
    crushed into a ball
    - Raquel B. -
    Early morning rain
    The clouds shed heavy teardrops
    The Earth, their shoulder
    - Andrew Clarke, Elworth, Sandbach, Cheshire, UK
    Weeping cherry tree
    Blossoming heavy clouds
    To frost its nine tips.
    - Lisa Canfield Derby NY
    Canadian geese
    V-shaped triangulation
    Will they find home?
    - Lisa Canfield Derby NY
    Sitting on the beach
    Staring up at the sunset
    Dreaming of my love
    - Jean, Nevada, USA
    I gazed at the sky
    Seeing snow fall to the ground
    White as it can be
    - Jean, Nevada, USA
    Warm sun in autumn
    I close my eyes to meet it
    Opening them blue
    - Jeff Kirchner
    long drive to the sea
    my whole mind
    is blue
    - Patrick Sweeney, Misawashi, Aomori-ken, Japan
    sping is a big ball
    always bouncing up and down
    flowers growing around
    - Anonymous
    Zaam ke naam
    Rahegi her saam
    Zindgi hi jiske naam
    - kapil&
    Twenty nine years in
    a vat, yet not ready for
    feelings of old age
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad (India),
    Smiling grandchildren
    drawing pictures with crayons
    How peaceful and calm
    - Daniel Drzewiecki - Toledo, OH
    I think next summer
    I'll go to Pelee Island
    on a sunny day
    - Daniel Drzewiecki - Toledo, OH
    The aroma of
    those cinnamon rolls baking
    I'll brew some coffee
    - Daniel Drzewiecki - Toledo, OH
    Sad nights, crimson clouds,
    Gleaming moon upon the pond,
    Starless sky, ablaze.
    - tri tran
    Cranes soar silently,
    wings spread, black, white,motionless,
    beauty from above.
    - Gail Mitchell-Torrance, California
    Dark clouds gathering,
    driving rain, calm, driving rain,
    the storm passes by.
    - Anonymous
    Gray forboding sky,
    white velvet floats from above,
    silent serenity
    - Gail Mitchell-Torrance, California
    Bright sun warms the earth,
    air rises, greets azure sky,
    seagulls gently glide.
    - Gail Mitchell- Torrance, California, USA
    Cherry blossoms bloom,
    war, death,cherry blossoms glow,
    to God, spirits go.
    - Gail Mitchell-Torrance, California
    quickly, the butterfly
    sips the nectar
    out of the yarrow's sweet lips
    - Lisa Canfield Derby NY
    Pausing between sips
    the butterfly rests
    on a breath of fresh air
    - Lisa Canfield Derby NY
    the global warming
    true season now vanishes
    -winter daffodils
    - Philip Ashton, Lincoln, UK
    She said she'd be back
    From prior experience
    I know she's lying
    - Anonymous
    Can a skinny guy
    like me be warm in winter?
    I guess I must run
    - J in M
    Gas is expensive
    Roads are clogged with idiots
    Still, I love to drive
    - J in M
    He said "What's the point"
    Yet he keeps coming to train
    I think he gets it
    - J in M
    My fan is no help
    Earplugs don't work very well
    Neighbours suck sometimes
    - J in M
    Can't we just be friends?
    A saying just as cruel as
    I came, go home now.
    - J in M
    Beneath the water and
    mystery; until exposed
    white phosphorus glares
    - Jeff Santos
    twilight arrives
    the moon is so beautiful
    i miss you a lot
    - bth
    I bought brand new shoes
    they are too big for my feet
    I am such a clown
    - J. I. Miller - Wyoming
    5th of Novemeber
    one friend of mine that i lick
    my face is now wet
    - rat, rat@gonzo .com
    I love autumn leaves
    Softly falling to the ground
    On a cool afternoon
    - Christi Singleton Como, Texas
    behold the black box
    six sides in and six sides out
    heavy to the eye
    - larry evans,
    walking in the rain
    past rice fields and waterfalls.
    a hot cup of tea
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    water trickles down
    a path along the kama
    suddenly it's gone
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    Did you taste that first
    warm mothers milk, still-wet fawn
    or were you stillborn?
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    Left, right, back and forth
    scratching seeds beneath the snow
    sparrows do their dance
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    On this snowy day
    a constellation settles
    on my black dogs back
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    Dumplings, oh dumplings,
    how deeply you satisfy
    on this snowy day
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    So still this morning
    one can almost hear the cat
    walking on the snow
    - Jessie Duff-McLaurin, VA
    furu koya ya
    haruzemi ga naku
    yama no oto
    - Daigen Kakuji, Australia
    furu ike ya
    haruzemi ga naku
    yama no oto
    - Daigen Kakuji, Australia
    - 大玄覚慈 豪州
    retirement nears
    resources dwindling fast
    enjoy the sunset
    - Mitch Tarr, Sacramento
    The Rocksstars in Doom
    Investing time in people
    Bowie Bank builds bombs
    - Anonymous
    Each sun aggravates
    sadness moment by moment:
    watching lonely street
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Sitting cross-legged
    the Hutch receptionist
    behind the glass
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Spring returns:
    autumn in my courtyard
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Two butterflies rest
    on the butterfly tattooed
    on her sunning back
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    fallen from the ear
    slightly above the shoulder
    creating bling-bling
    - KPX, Northern NJ, USA
    The chill of winter
    Fills my lungs and slows the world
    A dormant rebirth
    - Brian Keppinger, Longview WA, USA
    The hairy critters
    Dancing among the tree tops
    Munch on Bananas
    - Brian Keppinger, Longview WA, USA
    i must be dreaming
    the ocean has clashed with land
    the earth is speaking
    - Alexander Williamson, Whittier CA
    Pain, lame pain of love ones
    Release the pressure.
    Let me breathe!
    - Zoran, London
    To reach the branch
    raising her other arm--
    twisted hibiscus
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Pausing between bites
    on the guava tree
    the parrots
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Dew covers the grass.
    Old Glory drapes the casket.
    Taps cries out mournfully.
    - Wayne Macke, Connecticut
    picking peaches, warm
    and heavy as a baby
    asleep in my arms
    - Plaxy Folland South Australia
    Her shapely figure
    in orange blouse and blue jeans
    strained at the hips
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India;
    Frogs sunning on lily pad
    as the dragonflys go by
    and ladybugs fly
    - Anonymous
    downloaded more than listened
    feel bloated and sad
    - tom hull uk
    Haiku is not taught.
    Don't ask the frog or the moon.
    It's the moment now.
    - Able, San Antonio, TX, USA
    Four red candles burn
    their flames bending too and fro
    each alone, like them
    - Anonymous
    Forbidden Goodbye
    Promotes our season to change
    Great hope lies ahead
    - Katy Bee, Australia
    Smell of sweet cedar.
    Short path leading to blue bench.
    Ginger, bright yellow.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    West-mind tries to say
    Something. East-mind says:
    Listen to the wind.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    The bee was drowning.
    I offered a dry leaf.
    It seemed important.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Who teaches haiku?
    Is it the moon in autumn
    or the belching frog?
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    An old dry snakeskin
    now blending into the earth.
    No memories there.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Literary life!
    Throw it away while you can.
    Make friends with the sea.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    No comparisons
    for this feeling of deep loss.
    Dry creek. Dead branches.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    December evening.
    From a bare sycamore branch
    the white moon ascends.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Tintoretto clouds.
    Any moment now, cherubs
    may fall from the blue.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Blue heron. Red koi.
    Two hawks circle overhead.
    Cat watches and waits.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    December morning.
    Frost sparkles on black rooftops.
    Silence. Nothing moves.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Leaden autumn sky.
    Explosion of raucous crows
    and sycamore leaves.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    I am the white owl!!!
    Coming down fast to get you!!!
    My little grey mouse!!!!
    - Able, San Antonio, TX, USA
    Ruby maple leaves
    catch the last fire of the day.
    Commuters crawl home.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA
    Parchment pale full moon
    rising through pines and pink clouds,
    Caught in dark branches.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    The stream, Buddha's tongue,
    red autumn leaves, His body.
    The chill wind, His breath.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    Happiness, come in.
    Warm yourself by my small fire.
    Tell me your story.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    Evening. Deep stillness.
    Far away, a slow freight train.
    Outside, black sky. Stars.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    Deep sapphire blue sky.
    White impressions of slow clouds.
    Listen! Church bells! Noon.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    Sunrise pink jet trail
    Blazes across morning sky.
    Crows fight, squirrels chitter.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    New moon. Diamond star.
    Lanterns glow along a path.
    Sudden wind! Door slams.
    - Alex Noble, CA, USA..."Coyote Haiku"
    She is far away
    Absence.. The heart grows fonder
    Love.. is here to stay
    - Abel San Antonio Tx to Saori in Japan.
    I saw him walk by
    visions of the Magdalene
    battle starts again
    - L.D.
    his name was noble
    our hearts may have been truthful
    but we'll never know
    - lotus
    Days after the 'quake
    staring at the rubble--
    a homeless widow
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    the vibrant red rose
    the red is the first to see,
    do not forget thorns
    - Anonymous
    A bulbul
    watching from the snapped twig--
    empty street
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    Swiftly passes by
    a yellow snake on the grass---
    moistened trail of love
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    cold buds awaken
    heavy clouds huddle from wind
    carpets of blossom
    - Donald H. Meikle of Winnetuxet Junction Halifax, MA 02338
    The window is grey.
    Pitter patter sounds the rain.
    I fall back to sleep.
    - Abel, San Antonio, TX, USA
    Behold, Butterly!
    Your time is come. Spring is here.
    Rise! Wake the world!
    - Sabra Brown Steinsiek
    Author of Red Velvet Shoes: Contemporary Haiku (5/2005)
    Rainsong. Needs no words
    no written notes to
    sing a message. Peace
    - Sabra Brown Steinsiek
    Author of Red Velvet Shoes: Contemporary Haiku (5/2005)
    Haiku. Seventeen
    syllables forming pictures
    in questioning minds
    - Sabra Brown Steinsiek
    Author of Red Velvet Shoes: Contemporary Haiku (5/2005)
    Tastier my tea
    with her one sip
    I keep the cup
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    In my dying day
    I will laugh and cry for you
    On my happy day
    - Abel San Antonio Tx
    In the winter grey
    I sleep in the floating mist
    Alas!! A leaf falls
    - Abel San Antonio Tx
    Writing with strands of
    watery hair on her bare back
    a love haiku
    - R.K.Singh, Dhanbad, India
    Independence Day -
    the poster of Gandhi
    rather faded
    the full moon mounts
    the slope of it's fine orbit
    drenched in orange
    - p.nicholson
    margaret schaefler
    in my arms, under venus
    the new morning star
    - p.nicholson
    Lego Building Blocks
    Architectural wonder
    Late night bare foot pain
    - Reggie Holder - Birmingham
    Not for me the rain
    Give me some tea and let me
    watch from the window
    - Vidya Sigamany, Chennai, India
    In ten hours I see
    The mountains and the rivers
    In one train journey
    - Vidya Sigamany, Chennai, India
    jewel in the water
    matches my spring kimono
    hiding place for koi
    - Pat Goltz, Arizona, USA,
    nectar in its throat
    the hidden promise of spring
    to my tongue revealed
    - Pat Goltz, Arizona, USA,
    built by his own hand
    grandpa gone the barn remains
    fading memories
    - Pat Goltz, Arizona, USA,
    not even waiting
    til evening cool chases heat
    noisy cicadas
    - Pat Goltz, Arizona, USA,
    by my windowsill
    softly plucking the koto
    golden moon rising
    - Pat Goltz, Arizona, USA,
    Walk to the Ocean
    Infinity calls to you
    Bathe in the glory
    - Mark Arakaki, Seattle, WA, USA
    Fly from the Mainstream
    Deviation Migration
    Flow to the center
    - Mark Arakaki, Seattle, WA, USA
    Windblown and Lonely
    You look to the western sky
    The future comes here
    - Mark Arakaki, Seattle, WA, USA
    What little time spent
    Watching her grow so quickly
    Now becomes a bride
    - okaasa, USA
    morning sun
    coloring sky and snow <>
    bamboo dancing
    freefall in white mists
    forward anonymous back
    rivers flow unseen
    - Mike, England
    cemetery path --
    under the cherry blossoms
    one black umbrella
    - Laryalee Fraser, British Columbia, Canada
    tulip festival--
    the colours of all the cars
    in the parking lot
    - Michael Dylan Welch (,
    Sammamish, Washington, USA
    meteor shower . . .
    a gentle wave
    wets our sandals
    - Michael Dylan Welch (
    ANWR saved for wildlife
    Its proctection pushed aside
    Now bleeds crude for U.S.
    - Peter Hill Boyer
    i sit in my cube
    yearn for the mountains and fish
    bee cee tee oh five
    - d. shelton, san francisco
    Spring's child skips slowly
    One step forward of normal
    Not so hollow man
    - Jon Powell, England
    Their paths cut through glass
    unopposed ripples pushing
    back reaching to shore.
    animals abound
    wreaking pain upon my mind
    Mishima, my shield
    - Jon Powell, England
    When blood runs cold, dry
    am I just the deeds I've done
    or spring's child again
    - Jon Powell, England
    sitting in silence
    Daruma meditating
    in Japanese
    sacred tender dream
    soaring, overwhelming
    embrace me and hold love
    - Jon Powell, England
    Dance on the razor
    Poverty is not distant
    One paycheck away
    - D.C Risley, Tulsa, OK
    Fresh scrolls of spring rain,
    foam calligraphy in streams.
    Love poems to the sea.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    Raindrops on jasmine,
    diamonds in the morning sun.
    The chirping of frogs.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    Jasmine. Gardenias.
    Tangerine and orange blossoms.
    Suddenly, it's spring!
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    Here, two rivers meet.
    O, fair city. O, Bagdhad.
    Tomb of innocents.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    That was a cafe.
    Friends were having dinner.
    Now, a rubble heap.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    Quick white butterfly
    There, in the honeysuckle,
    A flying flower!
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    A dove coos, bullfrogs
    croak -- deepening shadows grow,
    announce blue twilight.
    - R. L. Boyer
    Sunset comes early.
    Nighttime is not far behind.
    Another day, gone.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
    I thirst for silence,
    Deep, healing oblivion,
    Place beyond all words.
    - Alex Noble, CA USA
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