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    Susumu Ikegami
    Japanese Stone Sculptor

    Stone sculptures by Japanese sculptor Susumu Ikegami

    1957   Born in Kanazawa
    1982   Kanazawa College of Arts
    1985   Solo Exhibition (Kyoto)
    1986   Eight times Chunichi Tokai Radio Award (Kanazawa)
               26 times Hokuriku Chunichi Award - Great Prize (Kanazawa)
    1989   Roko Airand Sculpture Exhibition (Kobe)
    1990   Odawara Castle Sculptor (Kanagawa)
    1991   Seven times Henri Moore Exhibition (Nagano)
               Handa City Sculpture
    1992   Two times Kajima Sculpture Competition (Tokyo)
               Koufu City Sculpture Exhibition (Nagano)
    1993   Shonan Hiratuka Sculpture Exhibition (Kanagawa)
               Chunichi Exhibition
    1994   Festival of Stone (Kagawa)
    1995   An Appeal for Public Subscription in Nou (Nigata)
               Solo Exhibition
    1996   Kobe Art Village Artist Camp Participation (Kobe)
               Sculpture for a World Cultural Inheritance - Suganuma Gasho Village Monument (Toyama)
               Estonia International Stone Sculptural Festival (TALLINN)
               Solo Exhibition (Tokyo)
    1997   Hualien International Stone Sculptural Festival (TAIWAN)
               International Impact Art Festival (Kyoto)
               Nanao International Stone Sculptural Festival (Ishikawa)
               Solo Exhibition (Tokyo) (Kanazawa)
    1998   Kanazawa Industrial Senior High School
               Solo Exhibition (Kanazawa)
               Beeld Houwous Symposium
               Select Exhibition ('98)
               Hamamatsu City Takaoka Town (Shizuoka)

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